Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope

Have you seen this site yet? If not, definitely check it out. Women with all kinds of pregnancy and infant losses - from early miscarriage to SIDS - have come together to share their stories and bring awareness to the issue and to provide support to other women experiencing the same thing.

They're doing a big campaign called "I am the Face" for The National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day on October 15. They're trying to collect the photos of 2,000 women who have lost their babies (again, early miscarriage, late miscarriage, stillbirth, infant loss...anything) to represent the 2,000 women A DAY (a day...can you believe that??). Please help them out by submitting your picture. It literally takes less than a minute! You don't need to write out your story or anything - just the picture!

They're also providing Facebook profile pics that you can use on October 15 (or before) along with suggested statuses. The site also has ways to donate, media kits, and more. I know I'll be using one of their pictures on October 15 and it'd be amazing if we all did the same!


  1. Faces is a wonderful organization! I am so glad you mentioned their I AM THE FACE campaign. I have one of the badges on my personal profile. My website angelbracelets.org supports Faces with our memorial bracelets, as well as several other amazing pregnancy/infant loss organizations. We have a lot of great resources on the site for women who've experienced a pregnancy or infant loss. I started the site due to my own pregnancy loss last year.

  2. After three experiences of miscarriage in my marriage, of 6years,I was told by my doctor that i wont be able to give birth again but when i meant EKA through a friend who helped me with his email (dreka14demons@gmail.com) told me after he casted pregnancy on your, he will sent to you his herbs and roots and above all constant prayers. After contacted EKA and he told me what to send and I did, It was a surprise to me for what my doctor said... today i have a heady baby girl and another one on the way... and my doctor confirmed to me that i can give birth again. All thanks to God and EKA. you can contact him on his e-mail (dreka14demons@gmail.com)