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To Post or Not To Post- A BFP Story

When new members come to the board, it's often asked "do I post my BFP here?"

Long ago, there was a time when all BFP's were welcomed if you were an active member of the community. For a while that seemed to be gone and absolutely no BFP's were "allowed". Recently, it's gone back to those who are active members can post them.

So why is the debate always coming up? That's a very good question, and no matter the answer, it wont matter. This debate will arise every few months, get heated and die down. There will be clicky polls, unpopular opinions and arguments.

A couple suggestions before you think of posting your positive pregnancy test for all to see:

-Have you supported others and somewhat gotten your "name" out there?
-Have you put a "warning" in your title (ie. pg mentioned, bfp mentioned)
-Would you consider yourself a regular on the board?

If you have to ask yourself, or others, if you're a regular, you probably aren't. If you have posted on the board, either new post or responding, a small handful of times over several months, you're probably not recognized. We don't know if you read every single post and just don't post. We don't know you until you let us. Intro, participate, support, post random things, just get out there and get your name known.

Give support, get support. Simple as that.