There is so much information you can find. You can hear many things from different doctors, find different websites contradicting each other and new studies always coming out make comfort hard to find.

Instead of doing research I decided it would be helpful to have input from those who we see every day who know what you'll go through, because they are.


After 15 cycles, I used clomid to get pg with my DS. I had no side effects at all. I had a base line vaginal u/s between CD1-3 and then took the clomid for 5 days (I want to say it was starting CD 5?) and then had another vaginal u/s to check my follies. They called me that day and told me to DB on Sunday morning and Monday morning (I believe I had the 2nd u/s on a Thursday or Friday). They guessed when I would O by the size. And about 2 weeks later I got my BFP.


For the past 2 cycles TTC, started taking 50mg of Clomid days 3-7. Both times I experienced some significant bloating and some noticeable discomfort in my ovaries. The first cycle was the worst for these effects, the 2nd cycle wasn't as bad.

On CD12 or 13 (depending on when I thought I would O according to the opks I used) I got a follicle scan/ultrasound. The first cycle I had 2 good sized follies that our doc thought would go at the same time and 2 smaller follies that she thought would likely not rupture. The second cycle I had 1 great follicle and another decent sized one. She thought this time only one would go.

We were advised to BD every other day being sure to BD on the night of O - which both times for me was predicted as the same day I had my follicle scan.
We got PG on our 2nd cycle of Clomid (I was also taking Prometrium for the 2nd cycle). I got a positive test on 12dpo (10 and 11 dpo were negative).
When we're TTC again, we'll try the same dosage of 50mg. And of course we're hoping for a sticky healthy baby.


I've taken Clomid for 7 cycles and am probably going to be starting my 8th tomorrow unless my RE changes meds on me.

I O on my own, but I am taking Clomid to increase my progesterone levels post-ovulation. I started at 50 mg, but when I started seeing my RE, he had me take 100 mg after telling me he never puts patients on 50 mg. I actually took it unmonitored for 4 cycles with my OB, but insisted on monitoring after that. Then my OB referred me to my RE. I discovered that many OBs hand Clomid out like candy and being monitored is really important because that way you know how you are responding (how many eggs you're producing and if your lining is decent). I have always taken Clomid on days 5-9 of my cycle. The only side effects I get are hot flashes and insomnia. The hot flashes last for the majority of my cycle, but the insomnia is really only when I'm taking the pills. I take it at night, and I have heard that can minimize side effects, which might be why I don't have that many.


I took Clomid for two cycles and got a BFP. Like others have said, I had to get an u/s between cd1-5. I started taking it cd 6-10. I get really bad cramps during O...(I did before Clomid, but I think its makes them worse) And other than that I didn't have any other side effects. This is my first cycle after my loss and I'm back on it!

A special thank you to all who offered advice and experience, it's very appreciated. If you have any questions that you'd like to ask these ladies or anyone else who might be going through what you are, please feel free to ask below or on the TTCAL board


  1. I just wanted to share my Clomid story.
    I took 100mg of clomid for two cycles on days 5-9. I had blood work and an u/s on day 3 and a follow up u/s on day 12. For each cycle I used a trigger and had IUIs.
    I had no side effects during the first Clomid cycle but my dominant follies were on my blocked tube side (left).
    With the second Clomid cycle I had hot flashes for a few days but that was it for side effects. My dominant follie was on the right side but the cycle still ended in a BFN.
    My follow up cycle day 3 u/s for my next medicated cycle (we had decided to move to Gonal-F injections) showed that I had developed cysts on both ovaries (a side effect of the Clomid). I had to cancel my medicated cycle until the cysts went away (BCPs are sometimes recommended to shrink cysts but I decided to just wait it out naturally).
    Cysts are gone but I have not started any new medicated cycles as of now.

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