Blood type can affect fertility?

Have you seen this new study? They are saying that women with the blood type O, which is the most common and almost half the population has, have fewer eggs and the eggs they have are lower quality. Blood type A has the best eggs (fat lot of good that did me!).  The study used FSH levels to determine this. FSH hormone levels increase in women with fewer eggs, as the hormone encourages egg production. This is one reason why older women have a higher chance for twins, as high FSH levels mean that more than one egg can be released.  Women with blood type O had higher FSH levels than normal for their age group.

You can read more about this study here.

What to think? Obviously more research needs to be done. But if you have blood type O, you may want to look into getting your FSH levels checked!


  1. Thanks for posting this. I am blood type O+. We have been pregnant 3 times, once identical twin boys born still at 19w (read an article how "old" or "bad" eggs are why the egg splits, then our take home baby boy Owen who is 15m (clomid 50mg), and recently a chemical pregancy (5th month of clomid 100mg). This article really hit home on our IF eggs. I am going call on Monday. I can't remember if they have tested my FSH level. It can't hurt to test.

    Also, thanks to whoever does this blog! If you ever have time I would love to have a list of the posts topics or labels...instead of just searching back through the dates.

    I miss our old bump board gals...

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